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J a v a   T o o l   K i t
Java Tool Kit
The Java Tool Kit is an extract of powerful components from the WAFr (Web Application Framework) utilities package. These classes seamlessly integrate into any Java application, Servlet or JSP page to provide valuable functionality.
• Java 1.4 or later
• JavaMail API 1.3 or later
• JavaBeans Activation Framework 1.0.2 or later
PdfFile The PdfFile component provides streaming HTML-to-PDF file conversion. This powerful API can transform any input stream representing a well-formed HTML document into a PDF file or output stream. The class even renders stylesheets, images, and form elements into a full text-searchable document.
Upload The Upload component enables the retrieval of posted "multipart/form-data" encoded files via a Web browser. The class can handle multiple file objects within the same form and also provides methods to read other posted form elements. The nested PostedFile object, representing each uploaded file, can then be passed to other components for PDF conversion, zipping or to be attached to an email.
Email The Email component wraps the JavaMail API utilizing the JavaBean Activation Framework to provide a robust interface for dynamic email generation. This class enables effortless HTML and plain text email messages via secure or anonymous channels. Files, input streams, byte arrays and even PostedFile objects, from the sibling Upload class, can be embedded inline or attached with a simple call.
ZipFile The ZipFile component generates streaming ZIP files from multiple formats including files, byte arrays, and input streams. The class accommodates any number if input files, enables multiple levels of compression, and provides full access to statistics such as processed data, times, and rates.
This online demonstration utilizes every component of the Java Tool Kit. Enter your email address and select a well-formed HTML file on your local client machine, and the Java Tool Kit will upload your HTML file, convert it to a PDF, ZIP it, and email it back to you on-the-fly!
• Try the demonstration NOW!
• View the JSP source code for the online demonstration
• View the online Java Tool Kit API specification
• View the HTML-to-PDF conversion guide and known issues
• View this page converted to PDF with the Java Tool Kit
• View the homepage converted to PDF with the Java Tool Kit
• View the homepage converted to PDF with the Java Tool Kit
• View the homepage converted to PDF with the Java Tool Kit
• View the homepage converted to PDF with the Java Tool Kit
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